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Tim Johnson Food Drive Volleyball Tournament-12/2009

Tim Johnson, father of Marissa and Monica and husband of Mary Ann (Coleman), was one of West Warwick High School, OSV, and
Rhode Island's greatest fan of high school volleyball.  Tim was sadly called from the stands in 2009 due to a courageous fight against pancreatic cancer.

His daughters, Marissa and Monica, were his pride and joy.  Tim was quite proud to watch his daughters practice and compete.  His enthusiasm and sincere team support was evident at every girls (and boys) high school volleyball game/tournament and OSV tournaments. 

Tim was a nutritionist that worked for several Rhode Island hospitals.  His wish was for everyone to donate to the Rhode Island Food Bank.

We, the OSV staff and players, are committed to host the Annual
Tim Johnson Food Drive Volleyball Tournament to be held the day after Thanksgiving each year.  

We know that Tim is smiling and cheering on all players and their efforts to help those less fortunate.



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